About me

This website is about my photographic passion, but also about Silesia, where this passion was born, and which has a separate gallery here. My adventure with photography started in Silesia, where I moved in 2010, but quickly crossed its borders, became a passion and more or less successful way of expressing myself.

Silesia is an interesting place worth exploring and learning about, but by no means an easy one, requiring a closer look. This is not Paris or Madrid, where it is easy to make eye-catching photo report, you need a lot of effort to get to know and understand it.

People often have stereotypes about Silesia and tell stories about dirt and pollution. There is nothing of interest there, they say. These stereotypes do not come from nowhere. Silesia has its dark aspects immediately visible to outsiders, but is a beautiful and fascinating country too. You just need to devote more time, look deeper, to see…

Silesia is an unusual blend. Under communism a seemingly workers’ paradise, after its collapse a paradise lost, with poor neighbourhoods and dilapidated factories, but also showing rapid economic development, modernisation, respect for cultural heritage, tradition, full of original art and interesting people.

Silesia has a complicated history. It is a dramatically experienced country, located at crossroads of other powers and nations. I like Silesia and its people, I’m impressed by their affection for their homeland and enthusiastic engagement in its development.

I wanted to find some way to tell this story, to write a chronicle of my new life which began here, but I had no idea how to do it to be properly understood. Language alone did not seem enough to convey my impressions, especially that I am not a confident writer. And thus my interest in photography was born.

I think that the uniqueness of photography paradoxically lies in its omnipresence in our everyday life and, thanks to technological advancements, in its universal accessibility. Almost everybody does it, but very few do it well. Photography can be art, craft or nothing at all. Try as we might, we will never – on our own – define our role in the kingdom of photography: are we the king, a knight or a mere armour-bearer. This is for others to decide: people who come to look at our works or – in the marketplace – who buy them. But photography is also kind to its “followers”. If the world does not understand what we want to say through our pictures, we can always do what writers sometimes do and “write for the drawer”.

Thank you for coming to my website. Feel free to leave your comments in the contact section.